Discrete Math & Probability Theory

I found the course challenging but ended up surviving, going on to head TA for it 3x. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to do the same or better.

Start by reading the tips below. It's all too easy to put loads of time into the wrong study technique; use these tips to ensure that doesn't happen.

  • Lectures aren't for listening to. They're for re-teaching.
  • Download CS70 compilation.
  • During lectures, anticipate the next step, live. If you don't attend lecture, at minimum, read course notes -- still with the same goal of anticipation. Then, after lecture, review the crib sheet, and take a quiz with an exam mindset.

  • Propositional Logic Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Induction Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Stable Matching Algorithm Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Graph Theory Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Hypercube Quiz Sol
  • Eulerian Tour Quiz Sol
  • Modular Arithmetic Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Fermat's Little Theorem, RSA Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • RSA, Polynomials Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Depending on how your semester is structured, it may (or may not) be exam time now. Make sure to read these tips and try a practice exam.

  • Midterm 1 Practice Questions Sol
  • Your first exam may not go well, and that's perfectly okay. Take a deep breath. I've bombed exams, my friends have all bombed exams, and undoubtedly some of your friends have too. This is normal!

    Now that you've had an exam, you'll know whether your current approach to the course is working or not. If not, try dedicating more of your studying effort to trying problems.

  • Secret Sharing Quiz Sol
  • Error Correction Crib Quiz Sol
  • Countability Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Computability Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Counting Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Stars and Bars Quiz Sol
  • Conditional Probability Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Expectation Quiz Sol
  • Independence Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Bayes' Rule Crib Quiz Sol
  • Distributions Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Linearity of Expectation Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Try another exam to double-check your understanding of topics so far. Regular checks—whether or not it's a part of the semester—can help you determine how much urgency there is in playing catchup.

  • Midterm 2 Practice Questions Sol
  • For the final stretch of the course, you're turning away from proof-written and towards probability. The topics in this section take more time to sink in, so it's important to study regularly. It doesn't mean studying all the time, but it does mean revisiting these concepts regularly.

  • Inequalities Crib Quiz Sol
  • Linear Regression Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Conditional Expectation Crib Quiz Sol Quiz Sol
  • Markov Chain Concepts Crib Quiz Sol
  • Markov Chain Problems Crib Quiz Sol
  • Confidence Intervals Quiz Sol
  • Continuous Probability Crib Quiz Sol
  • Continuous Probability II Crib Quiz Sol
  • The marks the end of the guide. Best of luck with your final exam! Use the exam tactics we covered above, and take stock of all the "rules" you've collected throughout the semester.

    For a breakdown of the above resources into different semesters, see my CS70 Sp16 and Fa16 pages.