Defined By My Smile

Defined By Smiles

Defined By My Smile

Howdy in just a few words

250 words about me

I'm a diglot by definition, lactose intolerant by birth but an ice-cream lover at heart. Call me wabbly, witling, whatever you will, but I just go by Alvin. More seriously, I'm a fourth-year undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I believe in "people first," and it is this policy that governs how I collaborate and grow.

I lead a 70+ member staff catering to 800 students as Head Undergraduate Student Instructor, currently for for CS189 : Machine Learning and formerly for CS70: Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory. Outside of work, I serve as Technology Manager for TEDxBerkeley, an annual 2000-person conference, trying new technology, publishing apps, and maintaining our website.

Professional Summary

2014 France

2016 Disneyland with Emily

2014 Taiwan

Extra Drawings and Origami

My Free Time

When I'm free, I'll often sit down to fold origami, specifically modular origami, of fruits, characers, or swans like the one shown here. I also enjoy drawing, reading, playing the piano, and designing. These are a few of my favorite hobbies in and around school. For extended vacataions, I additionally enjoy skiing, jet skiing, ATV riding, zip lining, and fishing.


As silly as some ideas seem, they have the potential to catch on too, evidently. Later on, as we were going through our photos, we noticed that very kid gaping, probably incredulous. That photo is now shown above.