This is Joojoo, a derpy, dorky dinosaur that I created to live vicariously through, day in and day out, foray after foray

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Joojoo was born out of a need to journal. This yet-to-exist, fictitious journal would contain the ups and the downs, a few of my thoughts even. I would write in said journal right before bed, and I finally decided a dinosaur would make a great companion in the wee hours of the morning. So, here he is now. He’ll relive the silliest moments of my day or the saddest. Joojoo is a one-of-a-kind dinosaur, eating the chicken alfredo, ice cream, and cheesecake that I can’t (I’m lactose intolerant). With a birthday on April 1, he’s also no less a joke than anything else you’ll see on April Fools; he’s a wonky figment of my imagination. A companion, a vector for expression, a pet - he’s all of those to me.