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Guide to Undergraduate

Here's how I survived my undergraduate career and how you can survive yours.

This is a complete guide to the undergraduate, maximizing your time both in and out of classes. To get started, see how to maximize your undergraduate:


Start by reading the tips below. It's all too easy to put loads of time into the wrong study technique; use these tips to ensure that doesn't happen.

For specific classes, see the following guides. They're tailored to content at UC Berkeley, but they can apply to analogous classes at other universities too.

Again for specific classes, see the following compilations of cheat sheets, walkthroughs, and extra practice. Download and review these compilations for key concepts.


Research is certainly a worthwhile addition to any undergraduate career — at the very least, it's worth trying for a semester or two.

If you find research interesting, a PhD may be the move. If you're considering a PhD program, see this advice first.

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