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Guide to the PhD

Here's how I survived my PhD and how you can survive yours.

Before starting on your journey, consider reasons to and reasons not to do a PhD.

Getting into a PhD

If you've decided research is for you, then here are tips for applying to PhD programs. These tips can also generalize to applications for graduate school in general.

Surviving a PhD

In your PhD, you'll have plenty of breakdowns, life crises, and self-doubt in a major life decision to pursue graduate school. Here are some general thoughts on surviving.

Most programs for AI/ML require three papers at top conferences to graduate. More or less, this is an unwritten, unofficial convention. Here are tips specific for papers.

At some point, you may be asked to mentor an undergraduate researcher — either by the mentee themselves, your adviser, or your lab. Here are tips for mentoring.

After the PhD

I'll write more about post-PhD life and prospects in the future. For now, see Guide to the Job Hunt if you're interested in a non-academic route (as I was), after the PhD.

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