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Guide to the Job Hunt

I've gotten offers from a myriad of companies, from behemoth FAANG to small startups. I want to help you achieve the same, or better. Here's how you can master the job hunt.

I've received offers from companies large (Apple, Amazon, Meta and Facebook, Google, Nvidia, Tesla, Lyft) and small (Nuro, Rivian, Matician, CZ BioHub) I've both participated in dozens on dozens of interviews and conducted many more. Here are the tactics that drove my successes, as well as the successes of top candidates I interviewed.

Step 1: Prepare

Preparations can go a long way. Before you begin your job hunt, organize your portfolio and timeline to your advantage.

Then, start building inroads into companies. The key part is to hold on off interviews until a predetermined start date, so you have time to make connections.

Step 2: Interview

As you make connections and expand the list of companies you're interviewing for, begin preparing for interviews. Take note of the tips for interviews themselves, too.

If you receive an offer with an early deadline, use these tips to handle the unexpected timeline crunch:

Step 3: Negotiate

After interviews, you'll begin receiving offers. At this point, you should collect information about your offers, understand the job opportunities relative to your preferences, and begin negotiating.

Once you've negotiated to a satisfactory degree, organize your thoughts into criteria and rankings, to make your final decision.

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