Guide to Hacking

This is "hacking" in the sense of a full-stack, fast-moving programmer. We'll cover Python-only quick starts for different types of programs, be it desktop applications, websites, web applications, games, efficient machine learning and more.

The goal of this guide is to build breadth rather than depth. Cover as many topics as possible that allow you build games, websites, applications, machine learning models, and more — all in Python.


Here are tips for growing beyond coding in the classroom, whether it be an online course or an in-person class:

Building applications

Here are quick introductions to building Python-only web applications. We'll introduce a few basic concepts and hop directly into cobbling together demos.

Here is a parallel series that introduces building Python-only desktop applications — again, we'll introduce relevant concepts and jump straight into building demos.

Here are tips for debugging at-scale programs.

Here are tips for deploying applications into the wild.

Building neural networks

Here are introductions to hacking on custom kernels for various GPUs.

Using code to dive deep

Here are some example hacks that use code to ask and answer questions about the world.